Inaugural Celebration at SEH

A celebratory reception will take place throughout the Science & Engineering Hall and feature a musical performance by the GW Jazz All-Stars, light refreshments, showcases of academic scholarship, works of art by the GW community and displays of George Washington’s last will and testament and Bible. Below, explore what's happening on each floor of SEH during the Inaugural Celebration.


Rendering of the 8 Floors of SEH

Ground Floor

Coat Check & Giveaway Pickup
Check your coats here. Any giveaway prizes can alway be picked up at this location.

Gallery 102 Art
Selection of art from Gallery 102 which includes work from GW and Corcoran students, DC-area artists and nationally recognized artists of all medium.

GW Jazz All-Stars
12:00 p.m.
Enjoy a performance featuring GW’s faculty ensemble. They will be performing a selection of their favorites.

High Bay
There will be ongoing demonstrations of the High Bay lab. The lab features an integrated reinforced “strong wall’ and “strong floor” which can be used to carry out a wide range of tests of up to 100 million pounds of force!

First Floor

George Washington Bible
Sworn upon by George Washington when he took office as the first President of the United States, this Bible has been used in the inauguration ceremonies of several other U.S. presidents.

Last Will & Testament
See pages from George Washington’s Last Will & Testament. It was written on July 9, 1799, preceding his death on December 14, 1799.

Letters to LeBlanc
Read letters from other university presidents and community leaders recognizing and congratulation President LeBlanc on becoming GW President.

George Mascot
Hang out with GW’s favorite mascot! The GW Mascot Team is made up of a select, spirited group of students on campus. George is the #1 Colonial and also serves as the namesake mascot of GW.

Videos:  SEH, Service
Watch videos highlighting GW programs, such as our Day of Service.

CEE:  Environmental Engineering Instructional Lab
1:00 p.m. & 2:00 p.m.
Watch a demonstration of the CEE Lab.

Second Floor

Computational Labs
Walk through SEH labs and view students at work!

Robotics Demonstration
See the robots used and designed by GW students in action.

GW is building the satellite for the CubeSat that is scheduled to be launched in 2019.  This will be GW's first CubeSat, and possibly the first one launched by any Washington, D.C. entity (excluding NASA). GW is partnering on the project with the U.S. Naval Academy and the TEC University in Costa Rica. 

Third Floor

GW Balance
2:30 p.m.
Watch a performance featuring Balance: The GW Dance Group, an all-inclusive community composed of beginners through pre-professional level dancers.

Faculty Papers & Books on Display
See a display of the papers and books written by GW faculty.

Environmental Research Lab
Visit the Environmental Research Lab and observe GW graduate students in class and performing research.

Fourth Floor

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The work of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences faculty and students will be on display. Explore the ways the SEAS community is a world-class center for engineering research, learning and innovation.

Theatre and Dance
Theatre & Dance is an interdisciplinary liberal arts program dedicated to awakening the potential artist in all of us through excellence in teaching, creative endeavors and scholarly research.

Fifth Floor

GW Libraries
The GW Libraries and Academic Innovation is the bedrock of scholarship and learning at GW. Items from the GW Libraries archives will be on display on the 5th and 6th floors.

Trachtenberg School of Public Policy
The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration is among the highest ranked schools of public affairs in the country. View publications from the school’s faculty—change-makers in the nation’s capitol and beyond.

30 Person Snuggle
From Gallery 102, the 30 person snuggle is an exhibition on display for the Inaugural Celebration in SEH.


Sixth Floor

GW Libraries
The GW Libraries and Academic Innovation is the bedrock of scholarship and learning at GW. Items from the GW Libraries archives will be on display on the 5th and 6th floors.

College of Professional Studies
The programs of the College of Professional Studies (CPS) are designed with the requirements of adult learners and working professionals in mind. CPS offers undergraduate and graduate programs that address the competency requirements of adults working in emerging and rapidly changing professions.

CEE  -  Traffic and Networks Research Lab
The GW Traffic and Networks Research Laboratory is involved in advanced theoretical and applied research tasks in the area of traffic flow theory and control, evacuation management, and pedestrian/driver behavioral modeling and detection. The lab's models enable decision makers to create less congested, more sustainable and safer transportation systems.

Seventh Floor

Milken Institute School of Public Health
The Milken Institute of Public Health is a “21st century center of global public health leadership,” tackling many of the world’s most pressing public health challenges with a focus on prevention of disease and promotion of wellness. Today, 1,000 graduate students and 180 undergraduate students from nearly every U.S. state and more than 35 nations pursue undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral-level degrees in public health. View publications and research presentations from these students.

Photo Booth: Make a Gif!
Stop by our photobooth to make a fun gif featuring you and your friends!

Eigth Floor

Greenhouse tours:  Greenhouse & Butterfly Videos
Take a tour of the Greenhouse! Located on the roof of the building, the greenhouse is climate controlled to keep the space hospitable for diverse species of plants and small herbivores during the high summer heat.